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Welcome to my NEW Website, thanks for coming. The site is always under construction and will be changing quite a bit on a regular basis.

I teach my own method of climbing that took me over 5 years to develop. The technique is honed to be as simple and as efficient as possible using the least amount of hardware. I lean heavily on knots because once perfected, you can never lose them and they are always there when you need them.

If you are in reasonably good shape, regardless of your age, then you can learn to climb a tree on rope.

Practically all of us climbed trees as kids. There was something up there that whispered: “Come on up”. We simply could not resist that call. The trees are still calling, you just have to get close, get quiet and listen. The trees and I invite you to “Come on up, Again!”

Thanks for visiting my new site.                Next CLIMB-IN will be JUNE 9 - 10, 2017.                                                                       

Bob “I’m just a vertical hiker” Wray                   See Announcements for details

bxwray@gmail.com                                 Warning: This sport is HIGHLY Addictive!

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             *NOTE: My 276 398 2639 number is NO LONGER IN SERVICE

I actually got mentioned in the NY TIMES!  The article is not about me but about Neil’s personal climbing experience. I did not know he was a writer and there was no direct interview:  http://travel.nytimes.com/2013/05/19/travel/going-backcountry-three-ways.html?smid=pl-share  Thanks Neil Genzlinger, for the great article (you “get” why we climb!) and Michael Kirby Smith for the sweet photo. A special thanks to Primland for affording me this opportunity. I truly “Love” my job.

This is an unsolicited article written about tree climbing by one of my students on another website. Check this site out:   janicehollybooth.com

Alex truly does “get” tree climbing, article is below: